AutoCAD & Engineering Mathematics

10 Weeks
All levels
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Course Content
Introduction and Ordinary System
Engineering Mathematics with Drawing Specifications
Drawing Practice with Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc, Rectangular, Polygon, Ellipse, Hatch, Gradient and Boundary
Modification of the Drawing Practice with Move, Copy, Rotate, Stretch, Mirror, Scale, Trim, Fillet, Array, Explode, Offset and Erase
Introduce Text, Dimension, Table and Leader in Drawing with Correct Scale
Purpose of the Function Keys
Properties and MEP Blocks
Special Modification practice with Donut, Drag Mode, Cloud, Pline, Pedit, Explode and Sketch
Drawing Layout setup and Print Setup


  • Practical Sessions - 50
  • Course Level : Certificate

Target audiences

  • Both Metropolitan QS and Non-Metropolitan Students

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